The Automotive Art
of Designer Jim Gerdom.

Limited Edition Prints
Artwork of Your Car!.

All of my original artwork is done the "old school" way, in markers and pastels. No computers are used in creating the artwork, only in preparing them for printing.
- Jim Gerdom

Design Factory Art is a part of Design Factory, the Industrial Design office of Jim Gerdom.

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We're in the process of making some major revisions to this website. While we're working on it, some of my newest prints, including in our new Large Format 20" x 40" size, may only be avilable in my Etsy shop, until they get added to this website. Check out my Etsy shop at

Artwork of Your Car!

I've been doing more original artwork for customers, of their collector cars. We are preparing a section of this website devoted to it, and will have it up soon. Until then, email me ( if you're interested. The usual price range is $700 to $1500. - Jim